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I´m helping teams to work better in a decentralized world.

The decentral:land of work

My approach to hybrid and remote work is not just about implementing technology and tools, but about crafting a culture that values collaboration, communication, and community. With my support, companies can unlock the full potential of their decentralized teams, creating a seamless and productive work experience that spans time zones and geographical boundaries. I believe in a world where work is not just a place you go to, but a state of mind.

Team Collaboration

Transforming the way you work with the power of technology, creativity, and a human touch.

☕️We should grab a coffee together if...

1 | You want to work better

I can help you leave behind the outdated methods of traditional office work and discover the power of modern workflows and digital tools.

2 | You want to have better meetings

Let's work together to transform your remote or hybrid team meetings into a productive and interactive experience.

3 | You want to use the right digital tool set

Don't let technology slow you down. Contact me to start using the right digital tools for your remote or hybrid team.

4 | You want to keep culture up in a distributed team

Maintaining a positive team culture is vital for any organization. We'll work together to ensure your team stays connected and engaged no matter where they are located.

5 | You want to set up a Virtual Headquarter

Whether your team is fully remote or distributed across different locations, a Virtual HQ can provide a central hub to keep everyone connected and engaged. I help you to set up a Virtual HQ with all the structures and team routines needed.

6 | You want to inspire your team with keynotes

Searching for fresh perspectives on how work is done? My keynotes explore the latest trends in remote and hybrid work, to help your team thrive in the decentral:land of work.


Embracing new ways of working can be a catalyst for growth and innovation

About Me

Daniel Schäfer

As a media professional with over  14 years of experience, I bring a unique perspective and understanding of what it takes to thrive in a decentralized work environment. With a humble approach and a love of learning, I'm always seeking new ways to improve and innovate. I believe in empowering individuals and organizations

to embrace change and work smarter.



+49 151 419 350 73



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